No locked doors.

Minion is built on commodity and open source technology. While it will hopefully serve your needs right out of the box, we don't want to artificially restrict what you can do with a device like Minion. Minion runs on an OpenEmbedded/Yocto distribution built specifically for its Freescale I.MX6 foundation. While it's a very capable video streaming device it's only one arbitrary application of millions. Recognizing Minion's potential and respecting the debt owed to the hacker community at large, we will not be imposing any restrictions on how you use Minion. Now, we obviously won't fix your Minion for you if you flash the ROM and choose to run Android or Windows 10 IOT, we also won't lock you out from doing so either. Minion was built to do  YOUR bidding not ours. But if you do unlock some new cool capability, please share it with all of us so that Minion's powers will grow. We built Minion because it was something that we needed. We look forward to seeing Minion grow to fit your needs as well.