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    • The debut of the 2014 Spring Montage...thanks to Duncan Sharp for the editorial.

      SF 2014 Spring Montage

      The Spring 2014 Montage is here, watch and enjoy!
    • The daughter of our friend Kenny Cummings wrote and performed this amazing little ditty on her 5th birthday. We worked with the talented Carina Simmons to bring it to life. Enjoy!

      Cute Cute Kitty

      Music Video, written and performed by Imogen Cummings, background vocals & percussion by Natalya Cummings. If you like Cute Kitties you'll love Cute Cute Kitty!
    • Gavin Greenwalt's tutorial on CG integration featured in 3D World issue #178 is now online.

      How to seamlessly integrate CG and live action | 3D | Creative Bloq
      VFX supervisor Gavin Greenwalt on the new tools that can help you quickly take shots from pre-production to delivery.
    • Straightface Studios releases its first in a series of short documentary stories. Concepted, filmed and edited all in-house. Take a ride with Dave Roper and check out this vintage motorcycle racing legend.

      Dave Roper #7

      Straightface Studio releases it's first in a series of short documentary stories. Concept, filming and edited all in-house. Take a ride with Dave Roper and check…
    • We're so proud of our little Gavin!

      Timeline Photos
      Check out 3D World (Issue 178, available worldwide) for my 6 page article on integrating CGI and Live Action plates. Apparently it's been out on news stands for a while already. I thought it was coming out next month. :P 2nd to top billing on the cover! (article is on page 64)
    • A cat video...that's what we've been up to! Thanks Draftfcb Seattle, fun times!

      Straightface Studios (SFX, Motion, Edit)
      Steve Andrews (music)
      John Buroker at HEARBy Sound (sound design)
      Glenn Rockowitz VO


      MovieCat2 is now available on iOS! Available in the iTunes store: