3D Effects for BOSTON's 40th Anniversary Tour

This year marks the band Boston's 40th Anniversary! They reached out to Straightface Studios to animate visuals to play live behind the band for their opening and the song "Cool the Engines". Check out the video! 

Boston is playing in Seattle on July 1st at the Wamu Theater. We've included our press release below.

Seattle studio’s 3D effects impress BOSTON fans during 40th anniversary tour

SEATTLE, WA, June 11, 2016 — The band BOSTON is celebrating 40 years since their first album release with a nationwide anniversary tour. During the July 1 concert at the WaMu Theater in Seattle, local fans of the band will have another thing to celebrate: the participation of Seattle’s own Straightface Studios in the show. The video production company created 3D animations that promise to impress the audience during the concert.

Video animation featuring the iconic BOSTON spaceship opens the show on a massive screen behind the band. “Our design for the opening video is based on BOSTON’s first album cover with the guitar spaceship,” says artist Mike Hanson. A longer animation produced by Straightface Studios takes the audience on an intergalactic adventure through stars, planets and asteroids to the song “Cool the Engines.

The visuals required nearly two months of work, including hours of research about subjects like wormhole theory and the architectural skyline of the city of Boston. The team of artists produced 97,849 frames of 1080p HD animation for the "Cool the Engines" video. There are 31,901 asteroids in the asteroid belt.

BOSTON is known for its unusual visual presentations during concerts. On the band's website, leader Tom Scholz promised the tour would feature "some amazing new electrifying visuals that will surprise and delight BOSTON's fans." BOSTON's video director Grant Draper says, "The team at Straightface Studios knocked it out of this world with their re-creation of the classic BOSTON guitar spaceship." 

Photo Credit: Bob Summers Photography

Photo Credit: Bob Summers Photography

Draper reached out to Straightface Studios last year to discuss some projects for the band. Straightface Studios owner Don Lange is thrilled to be involved with the 40th anniversary tour. “I remember when the BOSTON debut album first came out, I played it a million times. My teenage self would be pretty impressed to be working with them,” Lange says.   

The Straightface Studios team can’t wait to see their work on stage. “We normally produce work that airs on TV or websites,” says producer Rebecca Kelly. “It’s a whole new feeling to see your work on a giant screen with a live audience and to feel the energy in the room when they react to what you’ve created.”

The company is no stranger to accolades for creating a vivid experience on the big screen. Last winter, Straightface Studios produced an overture video for the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s new Nutcracker that wowed audience members with a 3D flyover into a winter wonderland. The impressive animation garnered rave reviews from spectators and critics.


PNB's The Nutcracker

PNB's The Nutcracker

"The question every stager has to address is what to do visually during Tchaikovsky’s glorious overture; Boal and Falconer’s inventive solution is one of the highlights of the production. While the orchestra plays, a video (produced by the local company Straightface Studios), projected on a scrim, flies us over a snowy New England landscape, through a door opened by scampering mice, and into the Stahlbaum’s entry hall. The effect is enchanting; at intermission a number of patrons were heard to say they’d go back again just to see the video."

-Seattle PI

VFX & Animation Montage

VFX & Animation Montage

Sometimes you just want to highlight a certain area of expertise, well around this studio we seem to know what we are doing when it comes to Visual Effects and 3D Animation. So check out this little video compilation we put together. Plus the song Boys Latin by Panda Bear is used in it and that song is killer!