It does your bidding and reports back what it sees.

View and control your RED camera wirelessly from your tablet or smart phone. Stream low-latency HD video straight to a REDLINK compatible app to give your Director of Photography the power to check and set exposure from a tablet or stream to a web browser to help your grip clear that C-Stand from frame. What will you do with your own personal Minion?

Minion sees through a single HDMI-D input, is powered by one LEMO 2-pin connector and draws approximately 2.5 watts of power. Minion talks to the camera through RED's gigabit LEMO connector. Connect all three, power it up and you're ready to receive streaming video on all compatible devices.

Bring your own Wi-Fi or rely on Minion to create an Access Point for you. The choice is yours. Minion sports an upgradeable 802.11 antenna. Based on PCI-E Mini technology Minion can grow as new communication protocols are released.

Finally, measuring just 4" tall, 2.5" wide, and 2" deep, Minion is at home on even the most compact rigs. Minion was born to get you out of the way and it does exactly the same.



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